About DuPage County & The DuPage County Board

  • DuPage County encompasses 336 square miles.
  • DuPage County has a population of approximately one million people, a population greater than six states and the District of Columbia.  
  • The DuPage County Board is responsible for a budget of over 400 million dollars. 
  • The Dupage County Board is responsible for a vareity of agencies and commisions including, but not limited to, the DuPage Water Commission (which brings Lake Michigan Water to DuPage County), the Housing Authority, the Health Department, the Convalescent Center, the DuPage County Sheriff, the County Courthouse and Government Complex, as well as a number of other entities.
  • DuPage County is divided into six districts of approximately 150,000 residents per district who elect three members to represent their interests on the County Board.


More Information about DuPage County Government can be found here.

DuPage County Judicial Complex